Tour Guide For Mathura Vrindavan Sightseeing Tour

Private Tour Guide For Mathura Vrindavan Sightseeing Tour

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Mathura Vrindavan Tour Guide

Tour Guide For Mathura Vrindavan


Mathura Vrindavan is considered, one of the holiest and most sacred cities for the Hindu society, famous for the ancient and modern temples of Lord Krishna, having twenty ghats of the river Yamuna. As per Hindu mythology, Mathura was the birthplace of Lord Krishna, also called Krishan Janam Bhoomi. It is the primary site of pilgrimage for an annual celebration of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, celebrated with fervour and splendour. Mathura Vrindavan has been a cynosure among devotees as well as tourists, for its majestic temples of Lord Krishna. These temples are attracting domestic as well as foreign tourists, devoted to Lord Krishna. Our tour agency provides the services of a government-approved Tour Guide For Matura Vrindavan sightseeing. Mathura is well connected with road and rail networks from other cities in India. From the national capital Delhi, it is 155 km and takes 2 hours 30 minutes by Delhi Agra Day Tour By Car is frequently booked by visitors for Taj Mahal sightseeing and there is flexibility to add mathura vrindavan sightseing because it come enroute from Delhi to Agra. You can start early morning from Delhi and arrive Mathura Vrindavan for sightseeing till noon because temples are closed by that time. Later drive to Agra for Taj Mahal sightseeing.

Mathura Vrindavan Tour Guide Wages : INR 2500





06:00 AM : Pick up from hotel in Mathura and drive to Vrindavan for sightseeing of temples.

ISKON TEMPLE (6:30 – 7:30)

PREM TEMPLE (7:30 – 8:30)

BANKE BIHARI TEMPLE (9:15 – 10:15)

Breakfast in local restaurant on direct payment by guest (30 minutes)

NIDHI VAN (10:45 – 11:30)

JANAM BHOOMI (11:30 – 12:30)

12:30 : Drive back to your hotel in Mathura.


2800 (Sedan – 4+1 Seater)

3800 (Toyota Innova – 6+1 Seater)

5500 (Tempo Traveller – 12 Seater)

2500 (Government Approved Tour Guide)



Delhi Mathura Vrindavan Day Trip Itinerary

04:30 : Pick up from hotel in Delhi and drive to Mathura on newwly built Yamuna Expressway.

07:30 : Arriving Vrindavan. Here our local tour guide join and escort you for guided sightseeing of temples.

ISKON TEMPLE (7:30 – 8:30)

PREM TEMPLE (8:30 – 9:30)

Breakfast in local restaurant on direct payment by guest (30 minutes)

BANKE BIHARI TEMPLE (10:00 – 11:00)

NIDHI VAN (11:00 – 11:45)

JANAM BHOOMI (12:15 – 13:00)

13:00 : Leaving Mathura for Delhi.

16:15 : Arriving back to Delhi. Tour End.


7800 (Sedan – 4+1 Seater)

11,500 (Toyota Innova )

17,500 (Tempo Traveller)

1800 (Government Approved Tour Guide)


AC Car for Delhi Mathura Trip.

All Temple Parkings.

State Taxes

Toll Taxes/p>

Driver Allowances.


Any kind of Accommodation.

Any kind of Meal.

Any tipping to driver or tour guide.



07:23 : Arriving Mathura Railway station by shatabdi express. Here our local private tour guide meet and escort you in our taxi cab for guided sightseeing of temples.

08:00 : Arriving Vrindavan for sightseeing of temples – Banke Bihari Temple, Iskon Temple, Prem Temple and Nidh Van.

12: 00 : Lunch Break in local restaurant.

13: 00 : Goverdhan Parikrama (Optional) or excursion to Barsana.

17:00 : Arriving Mathura for sightseeing temples : Janam Bhoomi, Dwarkadesh Temple and boat ride at Vishram Ghat on direct payment.

20:00 : Drive to Mathura railway station.


4500 (Sedan – 4+1 Seater)

6500 (Toyota Innova – 6+1 Seater)

8500 (Tempo Traveller – 12 Seater)

1800 (Government Approved Tour Guide)

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Mathura Vrindavan Tour For Temples with English speaking guide or escort

The two express trains, Shatabdi and Gatimaan, bring tourists to Mathura who want a same-day return trip from Delhi. Agra is the neighbouring city of Mathura and both share same culture and language. These two trains are also used by domestic as well as foreign tourists for Agra Sightseeing tour. Tourists visit Mathura for sightseeing of Janam Bhoomi and Dawarkadesh temple. It is believed that Lord Krishan was born inside the jail of seven cells, which was destroyed by the sixth Mughal king Aurangzeb, the fanatical Islamic ruler, who erected the present Shahi Eidgah mosque over it. Later Daulat Rao Scindia acquired land adjacent to the temple and handed over the land to the government to construct the present Janam Bhoomi site. Vrindavan is the adjacent town 14.5 km from Mathura, where Lord Krishna used to visit for grazing cows and date Radha. Vrindavan is famous for iconic temples like Prem temple, ISKON and Banke Bihari temple. It is said that Saint Hari Das, the guru of famous musician Tansen, got a dream about the idol of Lord Krishna buried in the ground, which was excavated and installed in Banke Bihari Temple.

In this temple, frequent eye contact devoted to the idol of Lord Krishan is avoided by priests through a curtain. Gokul, Barsana, Goverdhan and Nandgaon are the adjoining towns of Mathura, collectively called Braj Bhoomi, visited by devoting as pilgrimage destinations. Gokul is 15 km from Mathura and it is believed that the childhood of Lord Krishna was spent (3 and half years) in the lanes of this holy town. Nandgaon is named after the name of Lord Krishna’s father, Nand Baba, 55 km from Mathura, situated at the foot of the Bharatpur hill, where Lord Krishna spent his childhood after migrating from Gokul.

Here a spacious temple, the Nandagram temple, was constructed in memory of Lord Krishna’s foster father, Nand Baba. Barsana, another adjoining town, 40 km from Mathura, is believed to be the birthplace of Hindu Goddess Radha, situated around two hills named, Brahma and Vishnu hills, adjacent to each other. Here you can see Radha Rani temple, 5000 years old. This town is famous in the world for Lathmar Holi (played by sticks), the

Mathura Vrindavan Sightseeing With Local Regional Tour Guide

Mathura : Mathura previously known as Brajbhoomi, is a birthplace of Lord Krishna. This is one of the prominent tourist destinations for those who want spiritual and cultural tours of India

Vrindavan: Vrindavan comes with in jurisdiction of Mathura and it is said Lord Krishna never leaves Vrindavan.. Some of most famous temples Bankey Bihari Temple, Radha Ballabh Temple, Iskcon Temple, Nidhi Van, Kesi Ghata, Prem Mandir, and Yamuna River etc.

Gokul : Childhood living village of lord Krishna Near Mathura. Here sites are Goverdhan Mountain Parikrma, Radha Kund, Kusam Sarowar.

Nand Gaon : Famous village of Uttar Pradesh and also know as Village of lord krishna relatives

Barsana : Barsana is birthplace of Radha Rani and famous for beautiful temples of Radha

Radha Rani : Famous Temple of Radha Rani near Mathura.

Bhandiravan : Radha Krishna Marriage Place



This temple is built on the prison, believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. As per Hindu legend, the parents of Lord Krishna, King Vasudev and his wife Devaki were incarcerated by Kansa, the ruler of Mathura, at this place. There was a prophecy that Kansa will be killed by his sister’s child. Garbhagriha, Keshavadeva and Bhagavata Bhavan are the three parts in which the Sri Krishna Janam Bhoomi complex is divided. The temple of Goddess Yogmaya is built at the entrance of the temple premise. If we see the history of the Janam Bhoomi temple, the old temple was replaced with a bigger temple by ruler Chandragupta Vikramaditya in the 4th century CE until it was destroyed by Mahmud Ghazni in the 11th century. During the rule of Vijay Pal Deva, it was rebuilt until it was again destroyed by Sikandar Lodhi in the 16th century. The temple was rebuilt a fourth time by Veer Singh Bundela of Orchha but it was again destroyed by Aurangzeb, the 6th Mughal king, in 1669 AD and the fanatic king constructed the Eidgah mosque in the place of the temple.

Opening Time : 5:00 am – 12:00 pm

Closing Time : 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Formerly, the Dwarkadesh Temple was built by Vajranabha, the grandson of Lord Krishna. But at present, Seth Gokuldas Parikh, the treasurer of Gwalior state, built this temple in 1814. Currently, the temple is administered by the followers of the Vallabhacharya sect. There is a black idol of the deity Krishna inside the sanctum of the temple. Here Lord Krishna is worshipped in form of Dwarkadesh (King of Dwarka). It is situated near the ghat of the Yamuna river. The temple has a beautiful architectural design, carving marks and fascinating paintings on ceiling.

Opening Time : 5:30 am – 12:00 pm

Closing Time : 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Pilgrims visit Vishram Ghat to bathe in the holy water of the river Yamuna. There are 25 ghats in Mathura and the Vishram Ghat is central to all ghats. After killing Kansa, Lord Krishna rested at this ghat, consequently, the ghat derived its name Vishram which means rest. There are 12 ghats to its north side and 12 ghats to its south side. Vishram ghat displays the panoramic view for visitors during arti time in the morning as well as evening. Devotees float earthen and oil lamps on betel leave into the river Yamuna. Visitors are indulged in boat ride activities at Vishram Ghat.



Prem Mandir, the youngest temple in Vrindavan, was founded by the fifth Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj in 2001 and completed in 2012. This temple is known for religious and spiritual values, its main structure built in Italian Carrara marble looks fascinating and reflects the true history of Sanatana Dharma. The Prem Mandir is dedicated to divine love between Radha Krishna and Sita Ram respectively. Its premise is spread over 54 acres and the height of Prem Mandir is 125 feet and there are 94 pillars. The artisans from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were invited for its construction. A visitor can see multiple divine tableaus of Lord Krishna and heartwarming paintings of Radha Krishna inside the temple premise. The regional tour guide in Vrindavan prefers to take tourists to Prem Mandir in the late evening to enjoy sound and light show at the temple, amplifying the beauty of this majestic temple.

Opening Time : 5:30 am – 12:00 pm

Closing Time : 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

ISKCON TEMPLE (Krishna Balram Temple)

Popularly known as the Sri Krishna Balram Temple, the first and one of the main ISKCON temples built worldwide for spreading consciousness about Lord Krishna. Lord Balram, is a source of spiritual strength and consequently the devotee who pray here are blessed with strength. It was built in 1975 by Swami Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON society and dedicated to bond of brotherhood between the Hindu Gods, Krishna and Balarama. He had desire to construct a temple of unmatchable beauty for the worship of two brothers, Lord Krishna and Lord Balram. The place where the ISKCON temples is built, was the place where both brothers used to come with cow herds for grazing their cows, 5000 years ago. ISKCON (The International Society For Krishna Consciousness), has been spreading the message of our holy book, the Bhagawat Gita, to make the world, a better place for living. The temple is made of white pristine marble and has two huge sanctums, one having idols of Sri Krishna and Balram and the other having idols of Radha Krishna and gopies (Lalita Devi and Vishakha Devi).

Opening Time : 10:00 am – 01:00 pm

Closing Time : 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Shri Banke Bihari Temple

The Banke Bihari temple is one of the holiest and most prominent temples of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. Banke means “ Bent at three positions” (the posture of Lord Krishna while playing the flute)and Bihari means “ Supreme Enjoyer” ( staring and moving). Swami Haridas forced God to appear in idol form through his penance and devotion, consequently, in his dream, he was enlightened about the idol of God, excavated from Nidhi Van and installed in the sanctum of the Banke Bihari temple. Swami Haridas was believed to be the reincarnation of Goddess Radha’s favourite companion, Lalita. Since childhood, he was a devotee of Lord Krishna, born in Haridaspur village in Aligarh and arrived in Vrindavan, when it was a forest, at age of 25. He was a great musician and the Guru of Tansen, his music had attracted the third Mughal king Akbar who visited him to hear his music. In Banke Bihari temple, the idol of God depicts His child form and the deity is worshipped like a child. This is the only temple with no gongs and there is no Mangla Arti, to avoid any disturbance to the divine kid. Here there is widespread faith, if any sincere devote look at the idol then God can go with him, due to this reason the priests of the temple frequently close the curtain to avoid any staring.

Opening Time : 7:45 am – 12:00 pm

Closing Time : 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm


Nidhi Van means “Forest of Tulsi”, a holy forest site in Vrindavan where Lord Krishna used to indulge in Raasleela (dancing and entertainment) with copies (milkmaids). Here all trees are of a similar shape, size and low height. There is no soil and water in trees, still, all leaves are green. It is believed that straight leaves are Radha and curvy leaves are Krishna. There are 16108 trees, believed to be converted into gopies after nightfall and dance with Lord Krishna. According to local folklore, after nightfall, Lord Krishna visits here every night for Raas Leela. Swami Haridas’ hard penance compelled Lord Krishna to visit Nidhi Van. Local inhabitants prefer to remain indoors and close their windows because they believe their Lord does not prefer any disturbance during Raas Leela. Some even claimed to have heard the sound of flute emanating from Nidhi Van. Here there is a Rang Mahal temple, where Sri Krishna used to decorate Radha, there is a bed coronated with jewels for the deities to rest. Every night after Arti, here priest leaves chunri, betel leaves, sweets and water before closing all gates with seven locks and 97 seals, everything is found scattered in the morning as if somebody has used them. Here you can see the live Samadhi of Swami Haridas who died at age of 90. You can also see here two other Samadhis of his brothers, Swami Jagannath Goswami and Govind Goswami. You can also see here the only temple of Goddess Radha Rani, playing the flute of Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna took His parents for Chardham and there was no Raas Leela that night, which prompted the close companions of Radha, Lalita and Vishaka to theft the flute of Krishna and give it to Radha. Lord Krishna made here a Kund (pond), called Lalita Kund, to quench the thirst of Lalita.

Time : 6:00 am – 8:00 pm


What are the places to visit in Mathura and Vrindavan in same day tour from Delhi ? You can visit Janam Bhoomi, Dwarkadesh temple and Vishram ghat in Mathura. Iskon temple, Prem temple and Bankebihari temples are main attraction in Vrindavan.

FWhat are the visiting time for temples tour in Mathura and Vrindavan ?

Most of the temples open at 6 am and close 12:00 noon. Again in evening temples open at 4 pm and close 10 pm.

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