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Taj Mahal Moon Night Tour Package

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Taj Mahal Moon Night Tour Overview

Heaven is a myth but the night viewing moon light tour of the Taj Mahal is reality. The fantasy of paradise comes true when you see the amazing beauty of the Taj Mahal in full moonnight. As per the order of the honourable apex court of India night viewing of the Taj Mahal has been allowed since 2004 for 5 nights a month. As per the order, a traveller can book a ticket for night viewing of Taj Mahal for five days in a month including the full moon night date as mentioned in the website of archaeological survey of India and two days before and two days after excepts Fridays and the month of Ramzan. You can book a night viewing trip to the Taj Mahal through our company Tour guide Taj Mahal. We provide memorable night viewing trips to all our esteemed guests. The night viewing Taj Mahal trip is done in eight batches of fifty people in each batch for 30 minutes duration.

During day time tourists can access the Taj Mahal from its three different gates Eastern gate, the Western gate and the southern gate but for night viewing tourists are allowed from the Eastern gate only. The Taj Mahal night viewing trip start from 08;30 pm to 12;30 from shilpgram parking by battery-operated vehicles carrying tourists to the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. Under the moonlight sky, the Taj Mahal gleams like a precious gem. The Taj Mahal appears to be scintillating and glittering on full moonlight that you will not even notice how the night passed. You can not book a Taj Mahal night viewing ticket online, it can be purchased from the booking counter located in the office of archaeological survey of India in Agra at Mall road.


Our company Tour Guide Agra provide services of Taj Mahal night viewing tour on full moon night. On behalf of travellers, we book Taj Mahal moon night tickets 2023. For booking, we need the photo ID of visitors. Our executives go to ASI mall road office one day before the scheduled date for booking Moon night ticket for the Taj Mahal. Here there is a long queue because every visitor wants to avail the opportunity of night viewing the Taj Mahal. As per the availability of tickets, the time slot is assigned on the moonlight ticket. Once you arrive in Agra, our executive delivers the tickets to your hotel in Agra. Travellers have to report 30 minutes before at the Shilpgram parking and from here they are taken to the eastern gate of Taj Mahal in electric vehicles. Our car will transfer you from your hotel to Shilpgram parking. Travellers are allowed for 30 minutes inside the Taj Mahal during night viewing trips and their entry is restricted beyond the platform of the Taj Mahal. Later in the same battery vehicle, you will be transferred back to Shilpgram parking. Here our car will transfer you back to your hotel. Tour ends with everlasting Here we advise our moon night visitors who are staying in Agra to book Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour next day early morning. Since you already staying one night in Agra for night viewing Taj Mahal, so you can utilize your time and money by booking sunrise tour simultaneously.


• Taj Mahal moonlight tour starts from 08:30 PM to 12:30 AM.

• Total 400 tourists allowed per moonlight in eight batches of 50 tourists each.

• You must reach Shilpgram (Eastern Gate Parking) half an hour before the scheduled time as mentioned on their ticket for security checks and from there transported to TajMahal by electric vehicle.

• There is no issuance of night viewing tickets on the same day. The tickets are issued only one day in advance from the ASI Agra office.

• The Taj Mahal moonlight entrance tickets bear the name of a visitor so it is not transferable.

• Taj Mahal night viewing is not allowed during the holy month of RAMZAN.

• Taj Mahal night viewing is closed every Friday.


1. Full Name

2. Gender

3. Age

4. Nationality


Foreigner Tourist INR 750
Indian Tourist INR 510
Children (03 – 15 years) INR 500
Children ( below 03 years) Free

Taj Mahal Moonlight Dates :

Month 2022 2023 2024
1 January 18/- 07/- 25/-
2 February 16/- 06/- 24/-
3 March 18/- 07/- 25/-
4 April 17/- 06/- 24/-
5 May 16/- 05/- 23/-
6 June 14/- 04/- 22/-
7 July 14/- 03/- 21/-
8 August 12/- 02/- 19/-
9 September 10/- 29/- 18/-
10 October 10/- 29/- 17/-
11 November 18/- 27/- 16/-
12 December 08/- 27/- 15/-

Option Available for Additional Charge.

· For half-day Agra local sightseeing by (4hrs) INR 1800 USD 25.
· For full-day Agra local sightseeing tour (7hrs) INR 2200 USD 30 · For sightseeing of Fatehpur Sikri excursion (4hrs) – INR 1950 USD 27.


·Reasonable tour price guaranteed.
·Approved by Govt of India.
·Excellent ratings on Trip Advisor.


You will get a full refund, in case you cancel tours 24 hrs before your traveling date.

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